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Saturday, July 15, 2023

The Daily Excitement: We're back! #

By the Editor in Chief #

We are back! After an incredibly long break, The Daily Excitement is up and running. However, some changes might be made- it is a lot of work to make an entire newspaper each week. So, The Daily Excitement is going to be publishing one or two articles a week, instead of an entire newspaper. Nothing else will be changed, and the articles will still be published, I just won't be writing as many of them.

A Short Game Review #

By the Editor in Chief #

Welcome back to Gwen's cozy game reviews! Today I'm reviewing A Short Hike, a new video game available on the Nintendo Switch. In this game, you are a bird named Claire on a vacation to Hawk's Peak Island, where your aunt, a park ranger, lives. At the start of this game, the player doesn't know why you are on this out-of-the-blue vacation. (You'll find out why later in the game.) The main plot is that you want to call your mom. Your character mentioning this is the first sign that this isn't just a normal vacation: The diologue is that you want to call her "because of everything that's happened recently." There's only one problem, though... Hawk's Peak Island doesn't have reception. Your aunt says you have to go up to the top of Hawk's Peak, the mountain the island is named after. As you make your way up the Hawk's Peak trail, you meet all kinds of animals and make all kinds of friendships in this heartfelt game of peaceful, stress-free hiking.

What to do: Even if you've finished the main storyline, there's still plenty of things to do. Here are some of them! 1: Race with Avery, another bird visiting the island. 2: Play a round of Beachstickball, a coop-erative game similar to volleyball. 3: Explore the archipeligo! There are plenty of other, smaller islands to visit, each with its own special quest. 4: Fish! There's a small lake on Hawk's Peak Island, where a beaver teaches you to fish.

10/10 would recommend to a friend 🥇

A Tale of Two Shows: Gravity Falls and The Owl House #

By the Editor in Chief #

Welcome to Gwen's show reviews! This time, I'm reviewing two in one, because they're done by the same people. First: Gravity Falls. This show is about two twin siblings: Mabel & Dipper. They have been sent to Gravity Falls, Oregon for the summer to stay with their Great Uncle (Grunkle) Stan. But Gravity Falls isn't a normal town- gnomes live in the forest, manotaurs wrestle on the mountaintops, and video game characters come to life! With the help of a hidden journal containing all the secrets of Gravity Falls, Dipper and Mabel investigate the weirdness until one mystery unveils a family secret untouched for years that could make-or break- their entire dimension. Next up: The Owl House. The main character is Luz Noceda, an unpredictable Latinex girl who is teleported to the Demon Realm, a place where magic is as common as dirt. There, she meets Eda the Owl Lady, a covenless witch with a mysterious past. As Luz explores the realm, uncovers secrets, and makes unexpected friendships, she realizes she's not alone in her weirdness and that being stuck here could be a good thing after all.

I would absolutely recommend these two shows. You will fall in love with the main characters and, if you're anything like me, will freak out at all the hidden Easter eggs that connect the two shows. There are SO MANY! And they aren't all hidden in the shows themselves- sometimes a voice actor for a character in one show will show up in the other. 10/10, I would encourage you to watch them as soon as possible.

Vinegar Eels: Microscopic Kombucha Worms #

By the Editor in Chief #

My science class did a microscope unit about a month ago. As you probably guessed, this means we looked at stuff through microscopes. One of the things we looked at were these tiny worms called vinegar eels. They were really cool! Vinegar eels only live in unpastureised vinegar and sometimes kombucha. Don't freak out though; the vinegar we consume is pastureised, so it doesn't have any vinegar eels. Kombucha rarely contains a few of these guys, but they can't harm us- they just go right through.

Untitled Goose Review #

By the Editor in Chief #

Honk! It's time for the second game review in this issue. Untitled Goose Game is a great way to unwind and forget your day by being a very chaotic, very loud, very bell-obsessed (this will make sense later in the game, I promise) goose. The point of Untitled Goose Game is simple: cause chaos. There are 5 areas to get through, each with a list of tasks. If you complete the tasks, you get to go to the next area. You don't have to complete all the tasks- one can stay incomplete. Every area has a special task that you get from completing the normal ones. This task is how you get from one area to the next. It always has something to do with the "no geese" sign (apparently people don't want you stealing their hats or putting their rakes in the lake). Enjoy!

Blepharisma: Tiny slugs #

By the Editor in Chief #

I recently did a microscope unit, in which we looked at stuff using microscopes (see Vinegar Eels: Microscopic Kombucha Worms for more). One of the things we looked at were Blepharisma, tiny slug-like microorganisms. Blepharisma eat Euglena and other ciliates, as well as each other! Blepharisma get their name from the pink pigment in their bodies, called blepharismin. When exposed to intense artificial light, this pigment emits a toxin that disintigrates the Blepharisma.

Flagella facts #

By the Editor in Chief #

Blepharisma move using flagella, little hairs it wiggles to move around. Your own cells also use flagella! Flagella are about 5 micrometers long.

That's all! #

That's all for now, folks! See you soon.

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