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Friday, December 25, 2020

New Purr-nalist on the block #

by the Editor in Chief


Breaking news! Meet Cleocatra, the new kitten on the block! I sat down and had an interview with this kitten and she tells us:

Name: Cleocatra

Age: 4 mo.

Motto: Let me attack your feet to get your attention!

Favorite food: ANY CAT FOOD ( Except the awful flavor " beef")

Favorite book: Breaking cat news: Elvis puffs out

Favorite movie: None yet

Something about you: I am a tiny shorthair kitten that can be VERY PESKY! I am also THE EDITOR IN CHIEF'S KITTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M ALSO VERY ENERGETIC KIND OF LIKE WHEN SOMEONE IS HAVIN' A COFFEE BUZZ!!!!!!!!!!! IT DOES WEAR OFF THOUGH!!!!!!!!!

Game Review: Alba's adventure #

by the Editor in Chief

What it is about: Alba's adventure is a spanish game about a little girl named Alba. I assume she is about 10 years old, and there is a flashback at the beginning of the game where it shows her as a baby. Her grandparents are with her, and she takes a picture of them. But, in the picture, there is a magestic Iberian Lynx. Grandad calls it the king of the forest. That is where it all begins...

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★★ (10/5)

Cozy game trophys: 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆(12/5)


Note: I feel that a cozy game can still have hard parts, and Alba's adventure does have hard parts. But you get through those hard parts, and it really is a beautiful game.

Dear Badger #

Dear Badger,

I have a big problem with a little kitten! I recently got a kitten that I named Cleocatra. She is a very sweet kitten but she is very feisty and she keeps barging in on my Zoom meetings, typing stuff in the chat and sending it, attacking my feet, chomping my hair and ^&*^%&^RUGKJHJHKJJK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@#####################meow2222222221111100000000233nemeow


You see what trouble I'm in, Dear Badger. What can I do to channel my kitten's energy in better directions?

CATegorically Confounded in Seattle

Dear CATegorically Confounded, maybe you should close your door for Zoom meetings. That would solve the typing problem & the barging in problem. Then, for the attacking hair and feet thing, maybe you should get a small bag and fill it with cat toys you know Cleo likes, and carry it around with you. Do that for everyone in the family, and then when you see Cleo and she looks ready to pounce, take a toy out of the bag and throw it for her. Her attention will most likely turn to the toy, and while she's distracted walk out of the room.


P.S. I'm the one who wrote the letter!

Port Angeles: Perfect getaway, or a wasted money failure? #

by the Editor in Chief

Last month, our whole family ( and the Careys, aka the Grumpy Crumpets) went on a vacation for Veterin's day. We went to Port Angeles, a very nice seaside town. Before we went, however, we had to take COVID TESTS. COVID tests are fine if you are 8 or younger like me. But, when my sister, aka the Lead Reporter, took it, she said it was not fun at all. When we actually got to Port Angeles, I noticed a lot of signs saying " Vote Trump", or " Trump for President". I thought, " why don't they take those signs down? After all, Biden did already win." When we got to the house, it was INCREDIBLE. There was a game room, the dining room was a different room then the kitchen, and the view was AMAZING! The next day, I came down in the early morning to get something to eat, and THERE WAS A DEER, STARING AT ME THROUGH THE HUGE GLASS WINDOWS! All in all, the vacation was amazing, and I would totally make it a tradition from now on. P.S. I got to skip school! So did my sister! It was awesome!

End of the year 2020 #

by the Editor in Chief

Hello everybody. It's the end of the year. This year has probably been, hands down, one of the worst years possible, but while a lot of bad things have happened this year, some good things happened too. After all, it IS Christmas today ( but if you don't celebrate Christmas, that's okay). Happy holidays, and The Daily Excitement will see you next year. 🙂💙

An add for lightsaber club #

Want a place to express your Jedi self? Strong in the ways of the Force and want to prove it? Than this class is for you! In this class, you will show those pesky Sith who hang around who's Boss! You will learn the ways of the Force and learn about important Jedi! You will EVEN have LIGHTSABER DUELS!

Here is what you need:

  • A lightsaber ( or something to swing around)
  • A space where you can move around easily


  • Leather gloves ( lightsaber metal can get HOT)
  • A space to store your lightsaber ( like a closet, garage, etc)

from our co-reporters #

Jokes to laugh by! #

by the Comedy Editors

  • Biologists have recently produced immortal frogs by removing their vocal cords. They can't croak.
  • The best way to communicate with a fish is to drop them a line.
  • On the surface of things, whales are always blowing it.
  • The marine biology seminars weren't for entertainment but were created for educational porpoises
  • A horse is a very stable animal.
  • If you hear it from the horse's mouth you're listening to a neigh sayer.

Hadley's Poetry Corner #

by Hadley

People do lots of things for Christmas
That is true
But not all of the things
Are things that fit you
Some people go out caroling
Some go out to ski
But the most important thing of all
Is spending time with Family

No matter if your presents are all socks
Or if your lights won’t shine
If your friends are around for Christmas
Everything will be just fine!

The Daily Birder aka The Daily Ex-Sight-Ment #

The Best Bird that almost Wasn't #

by Grammy Carol

As the seasons change, so do the "regular" birds that we see in our yard.  For us during the fall and winter, Black-capped Chickadees, House Finches, Dark-eyed Juncos, Song Sparrows, Bewick's Wrens, Gold-crowned Sparrows and House Sparrows are daily visitors.  House Sparrows are the chattering birds you see in McDonald's parking lots.  Not special, very common, kind of pestiferous.

In early December, I noticed a largish sparrow that looked like a House Sparrow, but just a bit different.   After my one and only look, I went to my books to check, but I decided it was just a House Sparrow in a transition between juvenile and adult plumage.  Then birders got excited about a Harris's Sparrow being seen at Whistling Train Farms. in Kent. Whistling Train Farms is one of Laurel's regular stops at the farmer's market, and when Shelley shared the video of her Harris's Sparrow, Laurel passed it along.  Gadzooks!!  I was looking at my odd bird!    Thanks to a very unusual confirmation trail,  I added a Harris's Sparrow to my life list.

But the best news is that Shelley decided that she would use the bit of land where the Harris's Sparrow was found as a natural area.   Can't wait to see what shows up next!  Way to go Shelley!!!

Keep up the excitement!

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