March 28th 2020! Blockbuster First Issue!

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Local Potion Auction Ends With Bang #

Breaking news! Gwendolyn, our Reporter had a potion auction yesterday, tuesday, March 24th. here are the Winners:

Name Potion
Laurel Greenus Blueus
Evan Redeena Orangey
Elspeth Blueus Pinkus

Harley-Jane Plays With Mouse #

A few weeks ago, harley Jane started thumping around in the Morning. Laurel & Evan wondered why, so they decided to think it over a game of Mouse.* While they were playing, Harley Jane Jumped up and caught the mouse. they threwit. She caught it. Than they found the answer. HarleyJane was Playing with her mouse, and that was that.

* a game like catch, but with a toy mouse.

Spot the differences! (game, see PDF) #

there are 5 differences.

Which food is going to be eaten first? (game, see PDF) #

Coming next on Wenesday, 4/1/2020! #

See you next time! #

Annotations #

Local Potion Auction: Gwen made a batch of potions using water and food coloring, and plastic kids' chemistry set flasks. She gave them Latin-ish names and determined that each provided particular benefits (water breathing, levitation, resistance to poison. Then she made us each personalized ID/debit cards with which to buy auction vouchers.

Harley-Jane Plays With Mouse: Harley Jane is our cat. She hasn't historically cared much for playing with toys; she recently decided she loves a particular toy mouse and carries it around everywhere.

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